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Community Learning Events

We want to educate people on the safe consumption of recreational Marijuana/Cannabis use

Our Products

Cannabis, Concentrates, Oils, Vaporizers

We carry Cannabis in a variety of forms to suit a wider range of customers. Oils, CBD,  Flower

Accessories, Glassware, & Custom Accessories

Whether you like to use One-hitters, Bongs, Bubblers, Sherlocks, Pipes, Papers, or something a bit more custom? We can help!

Cannabis Strains


Night time use, Body high, sleep aid, Sedative & relaxing, Appetite stimulant, Stress & anxiety relief.


Combines elements of both Indica & Sativa strains. The majority of cannabis strains available today are really hybrids that lean in one direction or the other.


Day time use, Head high, Alertness, Increased Energy, Focus, Uplifting & Euphoric, Anti-Depressant



Do I Need a Prescription?

Not for most products, come on in!

Is it safe for me?

Everyone should assess the risks involved and research the topic to be well-informed on what you’re putting into your body. That said, there are numerous benefits & positive uses for Cannabis. 

What are some of the benefits?

Aside from its progress in the field of medicine, Cannabis is an excellent source of relaxation, anxiety relief, & more! Consult one of our staff to find out what types of Cannabis you might be most interested in!

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