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           Hey! Are you currently looking for some part-time work? Do you love cannabis and providing great customer service? Last question, do you have your SellSafe and QCW?

          If you answered YES to all of the above then we want to hear from you! We at Twenty-Four Karats are looking to hire 2 part-time budtender positions at the store with an anticipated start date between late August to early September.

          Interested applicants must be fully qualified by the Alberta provincial regulator to work in the cannabis industry. This includes having and maintaining all relevant and required licenses, certificates, records checks, and any other information requested by the province for QCW accreditation.

              More information about the position:


          When you come to apply with Twenty Four Karats…

  • You must have a Qualified Cannabis Worker number (QCW) issued by the AGLC regulator.
  • You must have a valid SellSafe certificate issued by the AGLC regulator.
  • You must provide an original copy of a police records search issued within the past 6 months.
  • Minimum of 1-3 years or more of relevant customer service experience is an asset.
  • Prior knowledge and/or experience with cannabis is an asset.

          What you can expect working with us…

  • A fast-paced, high volume, customer service centred environment.
  • A strong team-oriented workplace.
  • An opportunity to learn more about producers through regular interaction with brand representatives.
  • Continuous learning and research into the many products available and their intended effects.
  • Room for growth and plenty of opportunity for advancement.
  • Being part of a small, locally owned and operated cannabis retailer.
  • The largest selection of recreational cannabis products of any brick-and-mortar store in Alberta.

          Other perks of the job…

  • Free producer swag! (That’s right… where do you think we all got these cool clothes?)
  • Special pricing and staff discounts on everything in the store!
  • Working with and serving your family, friends, and members of your local community.
  • A chance to build great relationships! We’re like a little ‘weed family’ in here!
  • Make some money doing something that you love!
  • Equality. Period. Everyone who works and shops here is treated equally and with respect!

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    Don’t have a valid Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) Number yet?


    No problem! It’s easy!


    Visit the AGLC Requirements for Retail Staff website for all the information you’ll need to become a fully qualified cannabis industry worker just like us!


    Click here to visit AGLC Requirements for Retail Staff

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