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Twenty Four Karats Gold Membership Terms and Conditions

Joining the Tewnty Four Karats Gold Membership program supports the growth of locally owned businesses. Twenty Four Karats aims to provide invaluable resources and benefits for our customers and the local economy. We appreciate your continued support and aim to provide an inclusive, inviting environment that harbors a continued positive relationship for years to come.


In this document we will use the term “24Karats” or “24K” to refer to Twenty Four Karats Cannabis and Accessories Store and the term “membership” or “gold membership” or “gold member” to refer to Twenty Four Karats Gold Membership.
Acceptance of the terms of membership constitutes your agreement to comply with the following regulations and conditions as outlined in this document. These conditions and regulations may be revised at any time by 24Karats without the prior written, verbal, or other form of notification to or consent of the member.

Membership Application:

  • Membership is only available to qualified individuals who are at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Members are required to pay all associated membership fees prior to the finalization of all membership applications. Yearly renewal is required to maintain membership benefits beyond the date of expiration. No exceptions will be provided for expired memberships.
  • 24Karats reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant it chooses without disclosing the reason for refusal.
  • 24Karats reserves the right to revoke membership at any time on notice to the member and without cause. Membership fees will not be returned if membership is revoked.
  • Membership is subject to all rules and regulations adopted by 24Karats including our privacy and return policies.
  • A valid government issued photo ID must be presented when applying for a 24Karats membership and may be requested to show identification when making purchases at the counter.
    • Membership cards are not considered a valid form of photo identification.
    • We do not record or store any government identification numbers or information.

Membership Cards and Program Fees:

  • Each membership covers a 12-month (one year) period starting from the time of initial enrollment of the Gold Membership.
  • The person who registers for a gold membership is the “cardholder”, and is responsible for the membership.
  • The membership card must have an assigned, readable card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and an unobstructed and unaltered full-face photo to be valid.
  • The membership card cannot be used to replace a valid government issued photo identification and is not considered acceptable ID for age and identity verification.
  • The membership card remains the property of 24Karats and must be returned to 24Karats upon request.
  • Membership cards are non-transferable and do not hold any monetary value. Member cards are not reloadable gift cards.
  • 24Karats Gold Membership fee is $24 (plus applicable taxes) per 12-month period from the initial date of registration. This entitles the cardholder to one personalized membership card.
  • Gold Members will not receive new cards each year. A renewal fee of $24 (plus applicable taxes) will be required to extend membership benefits and receive a new card.

Renewing or cancelling memberships:

  • Renewal fees are due no later than the last day of your active membership term. Membership renewals can only be done at the store or online at 24KStores.com
  • Membership renewals will take effect on the date the renewal fees are paid and will extend for one year from the time the current membership expires
  • Only the cardholder member can make changes to their personal information or cancel the membership account.
  • Membership and renewal fees are not refundable

Lost or Stolen Membership Cards:

  If a Twenty Four Karats Gold Membership card is lost or stolen, it is the cardholders responsibility to notify 24Karats immediately. Replacement cards will be issued at a fee of $5 per card.

Return Policy:

  To view Twenty Four Karats standard return policy, check out our Privacy Policy and Returns page.

Twenty Four Karats Gold Members can expect extended grace periods for returns and exchanges.

    • Cannabis Products: for gold membership cardholders, 24Karats will accept returns and exchanges of cannabis products within 72 hours from the date of purchase while the product is still in its original condition and packaging and is accompanied by a receipt.
    • Accessories: for gold membership cardholders, 24Karats will accept returns and exchanges of accessories within 7 days from the date of purchase while the product is still in its original condition and packaging and is accompanied by a receipt.
    • All returns must be:
      • accompanied by the original physical receipt of purchase (photos or photocopies of receipts are not acceptable)
      • unopened, in original condition and in the original sealed packaging
      • unused and not tampered with in any way
    • 24Karats may, in the future, restrict its return policy on these or any other products sold by our store(s). Restrictions will be reflected on the sales receipt.
    • For more detailed information on 24Karats standard return policy, please review the Privacy Policy and Returns page.

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Purchasing Privileges, Guests, and other Policies:

  Your 24Karats Gold Membership is a portal into great rewards, special offers, deeper discounts, and invitations to exclusive events.

      • 24Karats Gold Membership cardholders will receive advance notice of new products and price drops (notifications are sent to members via text or email and a cardholder may cancel notifications at any time)
      • Being invited to any of our in-store or off-site events, licensed producer pop-up sessions, Merry Kushmas, and 24Karats Gold Club meetings, just to name a few.
      • Cardholders are welcome to bring their adult (18+ years) friends or family along as guests to Twenty Four Karats. Guests do not have gold membership benefits or discounts on cannabis or accessories if they are not also registered members.
      • Members are responsible for the actions of themselves and their guests and will be required to pay for any packages, displays, or other products in the store if they become opened or damaged by the member or their guest(s).
      • You will be required to show your membership card when making a purchase in order to receive your discount.
      • Membership cards are non-transferable and do not hold any cash value. Giving your card to someone else to use your account even if they are also a member is in direct violation of your membership agreement and may result in your membership being revoked.
      • Recording of prices in any manner while in the store is not permitted. The final sale price of your products will be reflected on the sales receipt. Taking photos of menus or sales boards is in direct violation of your membership agreement and may result in your membership being revoked.

Terms of Payment:

      • All purchases must be made by cash, debit, 24Karats Gift Card, or any major credit cards accepted by 24Karats.
      • 24Karats reserves the right to further limit the payment methods applicable to certain purchses. For example, you can only use the 24Karats gift cards towards accessories purchasing.
      • 24Karats Gold membership is not transferable and cannot be shared with the Cardolders guests whether family, friends, or otherwise.

Customer Privacy Policy:

  24Karats is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. The following Privacy Policy explains our privacy practices for customer information we collect, use, or disclose, including at 24Karats store and through our website(s). In this policy, the terms “24Karats”, “we”, and “our” refer to Twenty Four Karats. By using our websites, applying for a membership, or by using a membership, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy in its entirety.

  Twenty Four Karats’ Commitment to Privacy:

  24Karats is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. We have and will take measures that protect the privacy of personal information collected and held by our business. This Privacy Policy provides you with details regarding:

      • Why we collect personal information;
      • What we do with that information;
      • What steps we take to ensure that the information is secure;
      • Who you should contact if you have questions or concerns about our policies or practices.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.

  What personal information do we collect?

  In general terms, personal information means any information about an identifiable individual, such as your name, postal code, email address, telephone number, the photograph included on your 24Karats Golden Membership card, and purchasing history.

  When we collect personal information:

  We collect personal information when you:

      • Apply for your membership;
      • Renew your membership;
      • Contact us with questions, inquiries, comments, complaints, or requests;
      • Sign up for certain products or services (such as online ordering, pre-ordering, or delivery) collectively known as “24Karats Services”;
      • Use our websites (twentyfourkarats.ca & 24kstores.com)
      • Participate in any of our programs or special events;
      • Place orders, make purchases, return or exchange items, or seek further information about our products and services;
      • Place orders or make purchases, return or exchange items, or seek further information through our affiliated companies;
      • Enter into a contest or respond to one of our surveys

We may also take video footage on our properties or otherwise monitor those properties to protect the rights, property, or safety of 24Karats, its customers, employees, or the general public.

  How we use personal information:

  As part of our business operations, we hold and use certain personal information pertaining to you for the purpose of aiding in the processing of your requests, providing you with 24Karats Services, and to understand your needs so that we can serve you better.

Specifically, we may use personal information for the following purposes:

      • Notifying you of recalls or safety issues;
      • Sending you notifications of price drops and new products as part of the gold member notification program;
      • Approving you as a member when you apply for membership;
      • Managing the provision of goods, services, and privileges to you, including monitoring your membership, processing exchanges or returns;
      • Managing online order services we provide to you;
      • Monitoring your satisfaction with our programs, including the 24Karats Golden Membership program and related services (for example, to inform you of changes to or the termimnation of a particular 24Karats Service);
      • Protecting against harm to the rights, property, or safety of 24Karats, its customers, employees, or the public;
      • Internal management purposes including planning resources allocation, policy development, qualityand performance improvement, monitoring, auditing, evaluation, and reporting;
      • Using personal information to create aggregate information;

  When we share personal information:

  We may disclose personal information without your knowledge or consent if a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena, or court order legally authorizes or requires us to do so. We may also disclose personal information to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of 24Karats, its customers, employees, or other members of the public.
Except as set out above we do not sell, rent, share, or dislose the personal information we collect and hold, or make our membership list available to others for a fee or any other reason without your expressed written consent.

  How long do we hold personal information?

  Personal information is retained only for so long as is deemed necessary for the purposes set out above. When no longer required due to invalidation, alteration, cancellation, or for any other valid reasoning, we will destroy, erase, or de-personalize the personal information that it may not be recovered in its original state by any third party. Legal requirements may necessitate our retaining some or all of the personal information and personal health information for a period of time that is longer than we might otherwise hold it. However, 24karats will restrict access to such information to prevent it from being used except for the fulfillment of these legal requirements.

  Security Measures:

  Access to personal information will be restricted to authorized personnel who require the information to perform their duties and due diligence. In addition, access will be limited to only that information that is strictly necessary for the performance of said duties.

Contact Us:

  You can contact us during regular business hours: Monday through Sunday from 10 am until Midnight. Holiday hours may vary.

      1. By telephone at 403-381-2828
      2. By email at 24karatsweb@twentyfourkarats.ca with Attention: 24Karats Membership in the subject line;
      3. By using our website Contact Page with Attention: 24Karats Membership in the subject line. (This form of communication also uses email. Be sure to leave us your return email or contact number along with your message.)

  Unsubscribing from electronic communications:

  If you wish to unsubscribe from electronic messages providing news, promotions, special offers, or other information from 24Karats that is not directly related to a question, comment, or open dialogue, you may do so at any time by calling the store, emailing our web administration team, or coming into the store.

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