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Privacy and Returns

Privacy policy and returns



Here at Twenty Four Karats Cannabis and Accessories, we strive to protect the privacy and security of our clients and staff. This includes the protection of any information collected during your time shopping or working with us. This policy aims to outline Twenty Four Karats terms and conditions relating to the protection of personal information.


         What we collect:

As part of regular business operation, we will often collect some degree of personal information. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to; your name, contact information, past purchases, preferences, and payment details.


         Why we collect this information:

We only collect this information as part of regular business operations at Twenty Four Karats. This information is used as part of market research, calculating sales volumes, inventory management, tracking past purchases for ease of future purchasing, processing of returns and exchanges, and for completing membership forms. In short – we only collect these details to serve you better!


          What we do with the details:

The information that is collected by Twenty Four Karats is stored electronically in a secured location and available only to Management and Ownership team members. We use this information to track sales volumes, membership discounts, and to help us do our jobs serving you, the customer, by making sure we keep in stock the things that you are looking for most often!


          What we don’t do with the details:

We will not ever transfer, make available, or publish any personal information of any kind that is collected as part of your shopping or working with Twenty Four Karats to anyone at any time with the exception of business management or ownership and/or proper legal authority with due cause. We will never share or sell your information to anyone for any reason. Your privacy is important to us!


          Making changes or requesting access to your personal details:

At the discretion of management and provided due cause, you may be granted access to review and make changes to your personal details collected by Twenty Four Karats. A great example of this is making changes to your Membership Profile. In this case, once you have confirmed your identity matches the Membership Profile, you will be allowed to make changes to the contact information and name stored therein. We cannot make changes to past purchases or payment information; however, we will happily share with you the details of your past purchases to help you find something that you’re looking for. Any other requests to review or change any personal information collected by Twenty Four Karats will be at the discretion of Management, Ownership, and/or proper legal authority.



Thank you for choosing Twenty-Four Karats and for supporting a locally owned and operated business, we really appreciate your support. Here at Twenty-Four Karats we strive to achieve a Golden Standard. Our goal is to provide our customer with an uplifting, unique, and educational shopping experience. If you feel we fell short of the mark or have excelled passed your expectations, let us know! We value any of your feedback!


Thanks and Stay Golden! Twenty-Four Karats Staff and Management


Due to the nature of our business our return policy changes between Cannabis and all other products sold within store. For any information not located here, please contact a member of our staff or get in touch online by clicking here.


  Accessories & Devices


A refund or exchange will be honored if the following criteria is met:

  • Within 7 days of the original purchase date.
  • Accompanied by the physical original receipt (a photo is not acceptable).
  • The item is unopened, in original condition, and in the original, undamaged packaging.
  • The item has not been used or tampered with.

 For health and safety reasons, all products will be inspected before the return is finalized.


 In the event of any damage caused by manufacturer fault upon opening of the original packaging, we insist that you bring the product back to the store or call us immediately to resolve this issue in a timely manner.


 Some of our products come with a manufacturer warranty that will cover any defects that arise past our 7-day return policy coverage. After that grace period you, the customer, will have to directly contact the manufacturer to resolve your issue or honor the warranty coverage provided.


  Cannabis Products


 Twenty Four Karats offers a 24-hour return policy valid on any unopened, unaltered, and unused cannabis products purchased from our store. Customers may return a cannabis product if it is in its original sealed and unaltered condition for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. Customers returning products are required to validate their order information by providing the original unaltered receipt, no copies or photographs of purchase receipt will be accepted.


Any recalls made by AGLC will be accepted for refunds following the conditions set out by the AGLC.


 All refunds can only be done via the original payment method that was used for the purchase. Refund for the returned product will be received within 14 days of return.


Thank you again for choosing Twenty Four Karats!

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